How To Choose Between Glass and Acrylic Dab Rigs

"Dab rigs" is short for "dab rig." A dab rig is basically the chamber of an old glass stem, connected to a banger or nail, used most often in the position of a classic bowl usually found on a pipe. New layers can be overwhelmed by the simplicity, upfront expense, and quantity of instruments required to use typical dab rigs found on today's market. While these instruments are essential to all dabbing, they should not overwhelm or depreciate an experience. There are two considerations to keep in mind as you select your rig.

First, dabbing is one of the most potent and diverse forms of ingestion available on the planet. By definition, dabbing involves "focusing the heat or cold energy from a single point, usually a lighter-than-light source, for the purpose of melting and releasing the concentrate through the skin into the lungs." This concentrated heat or cold energy can come from any number of sources, including but not limited to: cannabis, herbicides/ pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and incense sticks/holder. Depending on personal preference and the nature of the cannabis, there are also many different concentrations of these heat or cold energy carriers. In addition, concentrates can be released through various materials such as butane lighters, lighter fluid, matchbooks, cigarette butts, and popsicle sticks. All of these methods create unique concentrated forms of concentrated cannabis and should be evaluated in relation to the specific purposes for which they will be utilized.

Second, dab rigs usually make use of additional percolators to help release the concentrated medicinal matter. While a good rig should make use of at least two to three concentrations, it is usually better to avoid using more than four concentrators. Although some people may prefer this extra concentration of medicine, others find that even one additional concentrator is often not enough to adequately reach their needs. The additional percolators used to release the concentrated medicine are typically made from borosilicate glass, silicone mini-rips, or similar materials.

Third, the best dab rigs are those that are made from materials that are both easy to clean and durable. When considering which dab rig will work best, take into consideration how difficult the material is to clean. Many people prefer to use glass because it is easy to clean, especially if it comes with instructional videos or dosing tools. However, glass is not the only material that is easy to clean; although, many would agree that it is easier to clean the original oil-based concentrate than it is the water-based alternative. Nonetheless, all types of concentrates are easy to clean when properly taken care of.

Fourth, it is very important to keep dabbing rigs away from heat sources. Whether you are using a glass pipe or a plastic stick dabber, heating up the substance can greatly reduce its potency. This makes it a good idea to put dab rigs away in a dark cupboard or other area, out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. It is also a good idea to store your glass pipe or stick under the dining room table so that it is out of site when not in use. Be sure to follow these simple steps, though, because a poorly maintained glass pipe or stick dabber can easily become blunt and dangerous. For more info relating to bongs, then view here!

Lastly, when choosing between glass or acrylics, it is a good idea to look at how the liquid passes through various densities. Since oil concentrates are mostly water, it is a good idea to choose a clear dab rig over one that is primarily composed of oil when you are looking for a product that is portable, easy to clean, and looks better in public. The same goes for bongs, though they can be made out of many different types of densities. It is important to be safe when using your concentrate products. Get more enlightened about bong usage here:

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